Take your sound higher

Kel Audio is proud to introduce the Vertical Series of professional microphones for studio and remote recording.

Vertical mics are designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Winnipeg, Canada. 

Through innovative improvements to traditional designs, building what we need to from scratch and cutting out extra frills, Vertical Microphones deliver exceptionally smooth musical performance at fair prices.

Yes, Vertical mics cost more than some other brands but they offer the very best price to performance ratio through the marriage of beautiful design and premium components. Whether you wish to record vocals, acoustic instruments or entire ensembles, you'll find a Vertical mic optimized for the recording task of your choice -- regardless of style.

Presently we offer four models: the Vertical Voice for all types of vocal and solo instrument recording; the Space for stereo recording where generous ambient pick up is desired; the Diva for pop vocals and selected instruments; and the Ensemble for stereo recording of acoustic instruments and groups. 

Every Vertical mic comes with an unconditional 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year transferable warranty. 

Try a vertical mic today.